Open a sauna in your own city!

With “Ivan Beats The Gong” franchise it‘s simple, safe and enjoyable.

We, the “Ivan Beats The Gong” crew, in only 2 years have created a trademark attracting city folk to bask in non-city pleasures. We seek to change the standing attitude towards public saunas, and we can afford to claim that chipping at the task is going extremely well.
In our possession are two lovely saunas for 6 and 14 people in both of which daily professional-guided sauna sessions, private events, cold therapy practices take place.

We know the ropes – we‘d like to share the know-how.
By acquiring the “Ivan Beats The Gong” franchise you get the ability to not only use our trademark, but the registration system, professional consultations (we have a lot under our belt because we have created it all with our own hands), additionally we’ll share the most useful contacts with you and help you to get through the possibly arising hardships.

By becoming an owner of “Ivan Beats The Gong” franchise you will become a part of a unique city phenomenon. A part of something that inspires and calls to modernize and nurture sauna traditions.


We invite you to talk privately. Costs nothing to!