Open a sauna in your own city!

With the franchise of Ivãnas Muša Gongã, it’s simple, safe and enjoyable. (EN: “Ivãnas Beats the Gong).

We, the “Ivãnas Muša Gongã” crew, took 2 years to create an attractive sauna brand for city dwellers, inviting them to enjoy countryside pleasures in the city. We strive to change the outlook of a public sauna and can confirm that it’s been working out for us!
We have two successful (6 and 14-place) saunas, in which sauna sessions, private celebrations, cold therapy sessions etc. are led by our sauna masters everyday.

Everything has been tried and tested – we’d like to share it.
By purchasing the “Ivãnas Muša Gongã” franchise, you’ll have the opportunity to not only use our brand, but also our registration system. You’ll receive our professional consultations (we know a lot, as we made it all with our own hands), we’ll share our useful contacts and help you solve any difficulties which may arise.

By becoming an owner of the “Ivãnas Muša Gongã” franchise, you’ll become part of a unique city phenomenon, inviting and inspiring to modernize as well as nurture the sauna traditions of our country.


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