Ivãnas Muša Gongã – are two modern, boutique-style city saunas for Vilnius residents and those looking for sauna pleasures here.

The highlights of the venue are a modern, intermittent furnace, wood-burning stoves and full service package, so you can arrive as you stand! Ivãnas has already taken care of all the moments needed for the sauna: towels, skippers, ponchos, sauna hats, birch-rods and aromas. Here you will also find a drinks/snacks bar, two ice baths for both private and public saunas, a hot tub and a team of professional sauna masters who will take care of your exclusive pleasures in both – public and private saunas sessions.


Ivãnas grew up and now has two saunas accommodating 6 and 14 people at the time.  Both saunas have private yards with ice baths, resting zones, hot tubs and other pleasures.

Here you will find:

Two always hot, wood-burning saunas

Two hot tubs

Two ice baths for your cold practice

Cabinets for your convenience and safe storage

The bar with nice selection of teas, soft drinks and something more stronger than this

A team of professional sauna masters who take care of all open sauna sessions and can offer an interesting program for your private sauna experience

Always pleasant, immediate service from people who loves what they are doing

Celebration hire

Is there a special occasion? Celebrate it with the heat!
Here we have two different size saunas,  accommodating 6 and 14 people at the time. Both of those have private yards, ice baths and lounge zones.

Since there are various occasions and celebrations – let’s discuss everything in person and choose the most suitable format for you together.

Gift card / Ivan’s voucher

Fresh from the sauna – straight to the heart!

We invite you to give the gift of perfect rest, pleasure and a relaxing experience in the sauna.

We have two types of gift cards:

– visit to the open sauna session for one person (€ 35)
– private sauna session for four people (€ 150)
– private 7 hours sauna session for 4 people (€ 300)
– cold exposure by Vytautas (€ 25)



Yes! Right by the sauna there is a free parking lot. Another parking lot could be found by Kalvarijų market close by. And right by Ivan‘s sauna doors – a bicycle rack.

Children of 7 years of age or older can participate in private sauna sessions with strict adult supervision. The price for a minor is the same as his age. Children are not allowed into public sauna sessions.

We have a bar here! With selected teas, various soft and alcoholic drinks, cocktails and bar snacks. So please do not bring your own food and drinks to the public sauna sessions. And what about private sessions? Rolls for private sessions are different. We can discuss it in private.

Not a thing. You can come to Ivan just as you are. The price of the stay includes: hot sauna, a towel, slippers, tea and still water, a whisk, a poncho, a sauna hat and various aromas for the sauna, so we ask of you not to bring your own. Besides, you will also find all the necessary shower hygiene products and a bag of natural, unisex cosmetics.

Yes. The package of services includes wet and action-ready whisks, sauna aromas, fans, singing bowls for meditation and even salts for a pleasant scrub. There is absolutely no necessity of bringing your own.

We have a changing room with lockers, so your belongings will be safe during your sauna session.

Undoubtedly yes. All of our guests are met by the sauna operator, who then introduces and tells you all about the sauna. Expect a tour before hitting the steam.

Nudity is your personal choice! In open sauna sessions for men or women exclusively it is agreed upon generally to go in naked, but definitely not mandatory. No matter the circumstances – the question of your nudity is for you to answer.

We have many of them, all of them are different and better than each other! Our experience shows that a sauna session with a sauna master is countless times better!

At the moment all public sauna sessions are already led by different sauna masters – more info about public events you can find on our calendar.

What about private sauna sessions? You can order the sauna master service for your event additionally. The price is 150EUR per session.

We have two saunas with private yards now! One is only for private sessions, it can accommodate up to 6 people. Second one is for public sauna sessions, the latter can accommodate up to 14 people.

Ivan’s main sauna is heated by a periodically burning wood stove from Finland. With fire it heats up to 300 kilos to stones and makes it possible to control the temperature of the sauna from pleasantly warm to extremely hot.

The second Ivan’s sauna, which we dedicated for private sessions, is heated by a similar wood-burning stove. Its advantage is that this stove can be heated much longer – even up to 24 hours.

No problems, my friend! You can find all gift voucher options here:

Without a doubt!

Yes to both. We have taken care of it all. Our TV and wireless speaker can be used by common agreement as pleased.

Such a case should be coordinated with us. We do not usually practice exceeding set time bounds, but we do not just strictly say “no” to variances.

Two at the time! One for public sauna sessions with sauna masters – it accommodates up to 14 people, and the second one – a new sauna with separate yard only for private sessions. This sauna accommodates up to 6 people.

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