Modern saunas in Lithuania


Ivãnas Muša Gongã – these are modern boutique-style saunas in Vilnius and Trakai, designed for everyone seeking pleasant relaxation, aiming to establish a deeper connection with oneself, or simply desiring to spend quality time with their own company.

Ivãnas has already taken care of all the sauna accessories needed: towels, slippers, ponchos, sauna hats, birch whisks, and aromas. In addition, in the saunas, you will find a bar with drinks/snacks, ice baths, a hot tub under the open sky, and a professional team of sauna attendants who will ensure exceptional sauna pleasures during both open and private sauna sessions.

Our vision

To modernize sauna culture and to promote a healthy lifestyle to each and everyone. We are achieving this by creating and providing services based on the Nordic philosophy which meets the highest quality standards.

Our saunas

This is a sauna inviting you to daily sauna rituals with sauna masters, comfortably fitting up to 14 people. Outside, an ice bath, a cold water tub, heated massage tub and cozy relaxation area await. Inside, you’ll find a drink and snack bar, a relaxation zone by the wood furnace and a leisure zone by the sauna, as well as a dressing room, shower and bathroom.


Here you will find:

Heated wood furnace saunas

Two heated massage tubs in both backyards

Two ice baths to cool down

Convenient lockers for item safekeeping

A bar with carefully selected teas, refreshing barrel pleasures and snacks

A professional sauna team, taking care of all open sauna sessions and offering an interesting programme for private sessions

Friendly, immediate service and a full service package

This is a new sauna close by, though unique in its complete privacy, comfortably fitting up to 6 people. In the private sauna backyard, an ice bath, a BBQ zone, rooftop terrace with a breathtaking city view and heated massage tub for two await. Inside, there’s another cozy leisure zone, a shower, bathroom and an opportunity to order food and drinks from the central sauna close by.


Here you will find:

Heated wood furnace saunas

Two heated massage tubs in both backyards

Two ice baths to cool down

Convenient lockers for item safekeeping

A bar with carefully selected teas, refreshing barrel pleasures and snacks

A professional sauna team, taking care of all open sauna sessions and offering an interesting programme for private sessions

Friendly, immediate service and a full service package

Swap the city buzz for a cozy lakeside retreat in Trakai. This sauna house accommodates up to 10 people, offering sauna pleasures, a terrace, and a hot tub. In the two-story house, there are also 4 sleeping spots. Just 20 meters away, the serene Akmena Lake awaits to refresh you after hot sauna rituals or to rejuvenate your spirit during cold practices.


Here you will find:

Electric sauna stove

Hot tub for an additional fee

Convenient access to the lake

Safe place for storing personal belongings inside the house

Towels, slippers, sauna hats, birch whisks, aromas, sauna tea, and table water

Kitchen utensils, dishes, kettle

Television, music speaker

Fully prepared accommodation for 4 people

A professional sauna team that takes care of all open sauna sessions and can offer an interesting program for private sessions

24 / 7 Friendly, immediate service

Come and enjoy the tranquility of nature right in the middle of the city. We’re introducing a brand-new, private sauna that can accommodate up to 6 individuals and is located in the heart of Vingis Park. Here, you’ll find a terrace with a fantastic view of the forest, sauna pleasures and a refreshing ice bath. Inside, everything you need for a comfortable stay is available, including a shower, toilet, and a cozy relaxation area. If you get hungry, you can easily order food and drinks from the nearby “Picnic Bistro” restaurant during their open hours or through food delivery services.

Discover the historical ambiance of Lukiskes Prison in a unique manner! The outdoor sauna, designed in the shape of an “Iglu,” welcomes up to 8 individuals to bask in the warmth. Meanwhile, in the sauna courtyard, sauna lovers can also indulge in a refreshing cold water bath. Inside, you’ll find all the amenities for a cozy retreat – a shower, a toilet, and a relaxation area. If hunger strikes, you can order food and drinks right away at the nearby café in Lukiskes Prison.

Want to be right in the city center and enjoy a sauna? An “Igloo” shaped outdoor sauna awaits you in the most unexpected place – on a pontoon in the Neris! Here, up to 8 people can enjoy the heat and the view of Gediminas’ Castle. After a hot steam session, you can easily cool off by descending a ladder into the refreshing cold river. Inside, you will find everything you need for a cozy rest – a shower, toilet, relaxation area, and “Vytautas” mineral water.

Mobile sauna and hot tub wherever YOU want! Enjoy the hot steam at events, birthdays, holidays, festivals, or simply in your own backyard. In the cold season, the sauna has everything you need for a cozy retreat for up to 6 people: a hot tub, towels, slippers, ponchos, and sauna hats. During the summer season, we invite you to bring your own sauna accessories.

Celebration rent

Have a special occasion? Bring on the heat!
We have three saunas of different sizes with private backyards, comfortably fitting 6/10/14 people, offering varying sauna pleasures.

Since celebrations differ, let’s talk over everything in person, and we’ll pick the best celebration format for you, together.

Gift card

Fresh from the sauna – straight to the heart!

We’d like to invite you to gift pleasure, rest and a relaxing sauna experience.

We have eleven types of gift cards:

Time together. Exclusive private sauna session with a sauna master
2 pax 300 €
Visit to a sauna session with a sauna master
1 pax 35 €
Private 3 hour sauna session
6 pax 200 €
Private 7 hour sauna session
6 pax 400 €
Private session with a sauna master
6 pax 380 €
Private 3-hour sauna session with overnight stay in Trakai
4 pax 300 €
Vytautas’ cold corner gift card
1 pax 25 €
Gift card
50 €
Gift card
70 €
Gift card
100 €


Once is not enough? Enjoy the pleasures of the sauna or ice bath more often and save.
We offer three types of memberships:

5 visits to Vytautas’ cold corner
50 €
5 sauna visits
150 €
10 sauna visits
300 €


Yes! There is a parking lot belonging to Kalvarijų market close by as well as a bicycle rack right by the doors of Ivãnas’ sauna.

Children ages 7 and above can participate in private sauna sessions, as long as they are under strict adult supervision. The price for a child is the same as their age. However, children aren’t allowed into public sauna sessions.

Ivãnas’ sauna bar has it all: select teas, various soft and alcoholic drinks, cocktails and snacks. That’s why we ask you to not bring in any food or drink of your own. However, food can be served during private sessions – we can discuss this individually.

Nothing – come as you are! The price of your visit includes: a hot sauna, towel, slippers, tea or still water, brushwood, a poncho, sauna hat and various sauna aromas, so, please don’t bring any of your own. Also, here you’ll find all necessary hygiene products, a hairdryer and a basket of natural unisex cosmetics.

Yes. The service package includes: soaked and action-ready brushwood, sauna aromas, fans, singing bowls for meditation and even salts for a pleasant scrub. It’s not necessary to bring anything of your own.

We provide a changing room with lockers, so your items will be safe during your sauna session.

Yes, of course. The sauna operator is here to welcome you and explain everything. Expect a short tour before basking in the hot steam.

Nudity is your own choice! In open sauna sessions – for only men or women – it’s generally accepted to go in nude, but this is definitely not mandatory. No matter the situation – the question of your nudity is yours to answer.

We have many of them, and each one is better than the last! In our experience, a sauna session with a sauna master is countless times more enjoyable.

At the moment, all open sauna sessions (for men/women/mixed) are led by different sauna masters – you can read more about specific events in our calendar. You can also book a sauna master for a private sauna session for 180 €.

We have two saunas with private backyards. One is for private sessions, fitting up to 6 people, and the second is for open sauna sessions, fitting up to 14 people.

Ivãnas’ main sauna is heated by a wood furnace from Finland. It periodically heats 300 kg of stones with fire – this provides the opportunity to control the sauna temperature from pleasantly warm up to hot, hot, hot!
Ivãnas’ second sauna, made for private sauna sessions, is heated by a similar furnace, although it’s not heated periodically. Its advantage? It can be heated for a much longer time – up to 24 hours.

No problems, my friend! You can find all gift card options here:

Of course!

Yes and yes. We take care of everything – our TV and wireless speaker can be used, upon agreement, according to your needs.

We would need to have a serious discussion. Although we don’t practice this, we don’t say a strict “no”, either.

At present, five! The central-themed sauna is designed for open sauna sessions led by sauna masters – it accommodates up to 14 people. The private sauna is intended for private sauna sessions – it accommodates up to 6 people. “Ivãnas Countryside” sauna house, located in Trakai, accommodates up to 4 people for overnight stays and up to 10 people for sauna sessions. The “Vytautas Muša Gongã” sauna in Vingis Park accommodates up to 6 people, while the sauna in the courtyard of Lukiskes Prison invites you to enjoy the heat with up to 8 people in private and open sauna sessions.

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